ITR H2O Series

ITR H2O 15

Spiral mixer

Main features

  • 12 kg mixer
  • With increased speed
  • For preparing dough with percentages of hydration up to 85%
  • Rising top and extractable bowl 
  • Two speeds three phase motor
  • Timer included
  • Wheels included
  • Special motors at 60Hz available on request


Equipped with the “increased speed” function, the mixers of the H2O range prepare perfectly mixed dough with percentages of hydration up to 85%. Ideal for pizzerias and bakeries, the H2O mixers are easy to use. The bowl, spiral, dough-breaker and safety grid are made of stainless steel. Available in double speed.

Technical features

Dough weight (Kg) 12
Capacity (Lt) 16
Dough / hour (Kg) 48
Bowl diameter (cm) 32
Power supply (volt) 400
Power speed 1 (Kw - Hp) 0,75 | 1,00
Power speed 2 (Kw - Hp) 0,75 | 1,00
Equipment dimensions (cm W x D X H) 39 x 67 x 73,5
Packing dimensions (cm W x D x H) 45 x 76 x 80
Net weight (Kg) 71,5
Gross weight (Kg) 85