HIDEO Series
Product code HIDEO 1/40

HIDEO 1/40

Electric oven

Main features

  • One chamber oven
  • For cooking 1 pizza (ø 35 cm.)
  • Innovative and compact design
  • 2 thermostats for calibrating top and bottom operating temperatures separately
  • The special mineral fibre insulation provides superior resistance and thermal stability
  • Stainless steel front and body
  • Refractory stone hob
  • Standard thermometer
  • Maximum internal visibility thanks to the large window
  • With mechanical controls
  • Thermally insulated steel handle
  • Standard internal lighting for constant monitoring of cooking


Hideo is ideal for Bars and Restaurants that require an advanced easy to use product with a contemporary look. Hideo ensures fast and precise cooking without taking up too much space in the work environment. Advanced, performing and made with the best components, Hideo oven offers innovative, compact and highly elegant design.

The oven features excellent equipment: double thermostat, refractory stone hob, standard thermometer, large window.

  • Innovative and compact design: save space in your work environment
  • The body and front of the oven are made of high quality stainless steel to ensure maximum resistance and long life

Technical features

Working temperature °C 50 - 320
Power supply (volt) 230
Chambers 1
Power (KW) 1,6
Electrical absorption Single Phase (Amp x phase) 7
Top heating element power (W) 800x1
Bottom heating element power (W) 800x1
External dimensions (cm W x D x H) 59,5 x 50 x 28,5
Internal dimensions (cm W x D x H) 41 x 36 x 9
Packing dimensions (cm W x D x H) 67 x 60 x 34
Net weight (Kg) 30
Gross weight (Kg) 32