Main features

    • One chamber oven
    • For cooking 4 pizzas (ø 35 cm.)
    • 3 sheathed heating elements on the top and 3 on the bottom of the cooking chamber
    • It allows to calibrate separately two different operating temperatures
    • Easy to clean thanks to the removable glass in the door
    • Cooking surface in refractory stones 
    • Internal lighting 
    • Rock wool insulation
    • Digital control version available on request
    • On request supplied with 12V transformer and lamp holder


    The Prismafood Plus XL Electric Oven is a solid equipment, with a nice design, easy to use and incredibly functional thanks to the removable glass in the door for a better cleaning. Plux XL guarantees great cooking quality and extreme solidity over time. Plus XL can be accessorised with the oven stand or with the "Proving Chamber" unit. Plus XL is designed to allow excellent cooking, obtainable by separately calibrating two different operating temperatures for the upper and lower parts, with temperatures reaching 455°C. Plus XL has 6 sheathed heating elements, three on the top and three on the bottom. The standard power supply is 400 Volt three-phases + neutral. Special Voltages are available on request. Efficient performance, low consumption and many accessories: Prismafood guarantees longevity and quality typical of the best Made in Italy. Prismafood Plux XL ovens: Italian reliability for your Professional kitchen.

    Technical features

    Working temperature °C 45 - 450
    Power supply (volt) 230 - 400
    Chambers 1
    Power (KW) 6,0
    Electrical absorption Single Phase (Amp x phase) 26,1
    Electrical absorption Three Phase (Amp x phase) 8,7
    Top heating element power (W) 1000x3
    Bottom heating element power (W) 1000x3
    External dimensions (cm W x D x H) 100 x 96 x 41,5
    Internal dimensions (cm W x D x H) 72 x 72 x 14
    Packing dimensions (cm W x D x H) 102 x 102 x 57
    Net weight (Kg) 85
    Gross weight (Kg) 98