Pizza press


Pizza press

Main features

  • For forming 33 cm diameter pizza
  • With mechanical drive
  • Easy to use
  • The metal wire safety grid offers the maximum protection
  • Double lighting to increase internal visibility
  • Maximum precision in adjusting the thickness of the disc


Pizza Press is 100% made in Prismafood. Technologically advanced, it is easy to use in the utmost safety. Pizza Press increases productivity and requires no experience to achieve perfect dough discs with or without the traditional rim.

Adjusting handle allows to change the thickness of the dough. The metal wire safety grid offers the maximum protection. Double lighting to increase internal visibility.

Available in three models to form 33, 45 and 50 cm dough discs, Pizza Press is solid, robust and reliable and is designed to be long-lasting.

  • Supplied with chrome plates both smooth and with traditional pizza rim
  • Ergonomic design
  • Max operating temperature 170 °C
  • Updated safety systems and devices
  • Removable components for easy cleaning

Technical features

Dough weight (gr) 250 - 270
Plate diameter (cm) 33
Working temperature °C 0 - 170
Power supply (volt) 230 - 400
Power (KW) 4,75
Electrical absorption Single Phase (Amp x phase) 20,7
Electrical absorption Three Phase (Amp x phase) 6,9
Heating element power (W) 2000
Equipment dimensions (cm W x D X H) 47 x 66 x 82,5
Packing dimensions (cm W x D x H) 75 x 88 x 103
Net weight (Kg) 121
Gross weight (Kg) 140