Kuma series
Product code KUMA MIXER


Rice mixer

Main features

  • For mixing and bringing rice to the ideal temperature after cooking
  • Rice capacity: from 7 to 15 kg
  • Stainless steel structure and teflon coated steel bowl


The Kuma mixer represents the perfect tool for mixing and bringing the rice to the ideal temperature after cooking. A convenient support to carry out the preparations needed to make sushi. Together with Okami oven, Kuma is a solution for all those interested in reaching a perfect result, that combines all the characteristics of traditional Japanese cuisine, and the advantages of an automated process.

The preparation process ends with mixing of the rice using a vinegar solution and then with cooling of the rice. The Kuma mixer replaces the ladle which leaves the operator free.

Beside rice mixer Kuma, Prismafood offers wide range of innovative equipment dedicated to rice preparation according to traditional Japanese recipes. An accurate design united with a passion for the most authentic preparations of Japanese cuisine led to the creation of equipment able to satisfy all requirements, even in terms of convenience. Easy to use, Prismafood equipment have the versatility and quality requested by a strongly expanding market. 

Technical features

Power supply (volt | Hz) 230 | 50/60
Motor power (W) 145
Rice capacity (Kg) 7 - 15
External dimensions (cm W x D x H) 79,5 x 80 (86 max) x 85,5
Packing dimensions (cm W x D x H) 89,5 x 90 x 108,5
Net weight (Kg) 80
Gross weight (Kg) 100