Divider and Rounder


Divider and rounder

Main features

  • Productivity per hour up to 700 balls (250 gr.)
  • Capacity: 30 kg
  • Dough portion from 50 to 8/900 gr
  • Designed for an easy and intuitive use
  • Stand included


This professional machine enables the division and rounding of dough loaves to make pizza. This tool with its compact size is also ideal for handicraft enterprises and pizzerias. It is possible to insert up to 30 kg of non-raised dough mixture, it is therefore possible to select the cone and bell most suited to the desired weight: in this way, correctly divided and rounded portions are obtained, ready for leavening. Productivity per hour can oversee up to 700 small balls! Prismafood dividers and rounders are innovative equipment conceived for an excellent dough making. They are made in Italy, designed for an easy and intuitive use, basically different because of their constructive solidity and reliability.

Technical features

Productivity per hour (n.) 700 (250 gr-r)/h | 350 (500 gr-r)/h | 200 (900 gr-r)/h
Capacity (kg) 50 - 8/900
Power supply (volt) 400
Power (Kw - Hp) 1,30 | 1,70
Equipment dimensions (cm W x D X H) 66 x 88 x 163
Packing dimensions (cm W x D x H) 60 x 96 x 78 | 47 x 71 x 102 | 81 x 101 x 18
Net weight (Kg) 181
Gross weight (Kg) 104 | 76 | 30